Officina Meccanica Attrezzeria Stampi
Block and progressive dies construction
Blanking small precision metal parts for medium and high productions


About us

O.M.A.S. has been operating for over 50 years in the field of blanking small precision metal parts and constructing dies for cold-working of sheet-metal. O.M.A.S. manufactures medium and large series of precision parts mainly produced from strips with a thickness between 0.05 and 1.20 mm.

Established in 1962 as small enterprise, O.M.A.S. is now a well-organized company which has managed to keep its flexibility and promptness of response to the customers' needs unchanged.
The company has technological experience and know-how acquired in various industrial sectors such as electronics, telephony, electromechanics and automotive.

Over the years O.M.A.S. has become a landmark for an increasingly vast and highly satisfied range of customers, appreciated all over the domestic territory for the high quality standards offered. O.M.A.S. customers include some of the largest and most important groups on the domestic and international scene.

The company covers an area of 4.500 sq. m., 2.500 of which are covered and where all the production activity takes place:

Key success factors

  • High production flexibility thanks to the Company's organization model.
  • Costant routine maintenance and repairs of the production dies free of charge.
  • Managing the relations with the customer’s supplier for materials on working account.
  • Warehouse service for customers ordering constant quantities of consolidated products.
  • Skills and confidentiality to study new products and analize economic feasibility.
  • Inspections and testing, during the production process and of the finished product, implemented with state-of-the-art measuring equipment.
  • Certification of the finished product.

Added value

O.M.A.S. works to order but is also a special subcontractor which not only provides the customer with competence, professional skills and reliability, but also provides effective technical consultancy for a valid co-design support.


The company’s Mission is to represent a winning support capable of creating value for the companies that choose to outsource the construction processes of the dies and of blanking small precision metal parts. By means of:

Designing solutions which create an efficient processing cycle and an excellent finished product.
Manufacturing the most suitable dies to guarantee precision, quality and maximum productive efficiency.


The company’s Vision is to become one of the main reference points in its own sector in Italy and abroad pursuing its aims of excellence, correctness and profit.